When To Talk To Your Kids About Riverdale, Week of 02/01/2017
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Cozy up, we’re in for six more weeks of winter so Jesse & Jessica are back to review a new stack of comics! Marvel: Monsters Unleased #2 01:28 Marvel: Bullseye #1 13:25 Dynamite: Vampirella #0 15:20 Dynamite: The Spirit-The Corpse Makers 20:35 Black Mask: The Dregs #1 23:03 Image: Planetoid Praxis #1 25:58 -Come see Planetoid Praxis writer and artist Ken Garing at Escapist Comics Feb 18 at 1pm! DC: Batman #16 30:04 Riverdale Review (Spoilers) 35:24 -Get news and reviews of every episode of Riverdale on Pep Talk: A Riverdale Podcast w/ Kayla Phillips and Jacob Rubin! http://ow.ly/lxds308FnFaSupport The Escapist Comics Podcast