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December 22, 2017
This week we’re coming to you early! Listen, we all are ready for this year to be over and we all need a little break. Enjoy your holiday weekend, however you may spend it, with Jesse and Jessica as they lay out a plate of chocolate chip review and a tall glass of news for you to enjoy by the fireside. Speaking of Fireside! We’re moving our podcast hosting service to January 1 we’ll officially roll over and sometime after that the old feed will be closed down permanently. If you suddenly stop getting new episodes, head over to Marvel: X-MEN Grand Design #1 03:50 Marvel: Tales of Suspense #100 10:22 Marvel: Two In One #1 14:11 IDW: Assassinistas #1 22:05 Dark Horse: Hellboy Krampusnacht 29:26 News: Happy on SyFy 33:33 Micronauts movie 36:40 Dungeons & Dragons movie 37:04 Kevin Hart on SNL 37:53 What is Marvel canceling? 38:40 Lego Flash movie 41:41 We saw Star Wars (no spoilers) 43:02 Last Minute X-MAS shopping at Escapist 43:48 The podcast is moving to…