26 – A Witches Ball – Toilets of Waverly Place
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The “I Put My Hand Inside A Toilet” clip This week we discuss a juvenile little song, and try and spin a single music segment into a tangible movie plot. What is A Witches Ball? We don’t know! Come contemplate with us this week on The Minute Podcast! Clip: https://youtu.be/Bqee6Xrqtlo Please email us at theminutepodcast@gmail.com Recommend something for us to watch at http://theminutepodcast.com/contact Tweet at us @minutepod Follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/minutepod Instagram us at https://www.instagram.com/theminutepodcast/ The post Episode 26 – A Witches Ball – Toilets of Waverly Place appeared first on The Minute Podcast.