🏕️ Michael FitzGerald. A novelist turned CEO and what it takes to have a startup in Montana.
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Michael FitzGerald is the CEO of Submittable.com, a Missoula based company that helps businesses to accept, review, and make decisions on applications and documents, all in one place. They are like Dropbox with a purpose, and their clients include Nike, NPR, Knight Foundation, Stanford University, Playboy, National Geographic, the New Yorker and thousands of other enterprise brands we all know and love. Liberal arts student by training, Michael had a career in writing, but inspired by a fellow Montanian, he chose to follow a path of entrepreneurship. It has not been easy and it has taken a long time to get right, but Submittable is growing, scaling, and kicking butt. The day after raising their Series A funding, Michael found out that he had a terminal cancer and he was supposed to be dead in six months. Fortunately, thanks to the advancements in medicine and a whole bunch of awesome friends, he was able to get treatment and is here with us today. Today Michael joins us on Rad Dad to talk about startups, the…