Elvin Zhang on 6 Figure Exits, Pitching to VCs, & Startup Mistakes [S01E04]
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Elvin Zhan is a Singapore based polymath and startup founder with his interests ranging from Quantum Physics to Blockchain and Fintech. He also has won an award for playing a unique Chinese musical instrument. In this episode he speaks about: • why his family moved him from China to Singapore • why he spends 70% of his social media time on Facebook and 30% of his time on WeChat (a Chinese social network and ‘superapp’) • why he rejected UC Berkley after getting rejected from MIT, Stanford, and Harvard (and why he lied about it to his parents) • his first business in a $100 million Singaporean industry • his first exit (a 6 figure USD amount) • How Toucan Pay came into being • Why Peter Theil’s Zero to One concept means different things for different startups • Things startup founders should keep in mind while making a pivot • The mismatch between business and technical teams • The right way to pitch to VCs For more details and show notes, please visit www.SyedIrfanAjmal.com