CIA hacks, shrinking Wally: Podcast 308
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Subscribe to WIREDComing up today: CIA hacks, shrinking Wally and we catch-up with the man speeding up science for Mark Zuckerberg.Want to know more? Read the stories we talked about on this week’s podcast.– All the news from WIRED Health 2017– Where’s Wally has shrunk! Research shows the character is 80% smaller than he used to be– Julian Assange promises to give tech giants source code for the hacks– WIRED’s 2017 Smart List: tech’s biggest names pick the stars of tomorrowTo listen on any device, either hit the play button above, or download using the link above.In iTunes for your computer, iPhone, iPod and iPad or get the RSS feed for other podcast catchers.Music by: Filip HnizdoShow produced and edited by: James Temperton]]>