011 - Rachel Garcia and Thu Tran of The Singer and The Songwriter
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Let there be music! In this episode, Annette and Sarah are excited to incorporate Vis Viva, a song by The Singer and The Songwriter, into the podcast. While Sarah celebrates Mother’s Day with her family, Annette dives into a conversation with Rachel Garcia and Thu Tran, the creative couple behind The Singer and The Songwriter. After years of relegating music to “nights and weekends” (check out the music video below!) while living in Los Angeles, Rachel and Thu decided to pack up their belongings and take to the road as touring musicians. They share how Vis Viva was developed, what it was like to perform at the San Francisco Opera House, and how faith, gratitude, and synchronicity have shaped their artistic journeys. References: Wild Heart Music Video (recreated at the SF Opera House performance for the Goldman Environmental Prize) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3482dVwW5e0 The Company Dance Troupe: https://www.facebook.com/CompanyFAM/ Nights and Weekends Music Video:…