009 - Sara Rezvanpour Rose, Creative Counsel at Jungalow
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Sara Rezvanpour Rose (@sararezrose (https://www.instagram.com/sararezrose/)) went from being a closeted creative who “passed” as an attorney to Creative Counsel at Jungalow (@thejungalow (https://www.instagram.com/thejungalow/)), a wild bohemian lifestyle brand focused on interior design and home furnishings. The process taught Sara about worthiness, authenticity, vulnerability, and reaffirmed her belief in the power of manifestation, patience, and hustle. Today, Sara handles a range of tasks for Jungalow, from copywriting and setting up for photo shoots to negotiating deals and reviewing contracts. Born in Tehran, Iran, and later raised in California, Sara shared her journey from law school (making her immigrant parents proud) to arriving in a job where she merges her attorney skills with her creative abilities. Sara contrasted the formulaic, paved path that lead her to law school with the intuitive, uncertain path that lead her to Jungalow. Over and over again, she emphasized how her path was full of…