17: Why Jewish Ethics Matters
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Rabbi Mira Wasserman delves into the ethical questions raised by the dramatic emergence of the #metoo movement. Rabbi Wasserman discusses the ongoing challenge of speaking up against wrongdoing and shifting a culture that casts doubt on victims who have shared stories of abuse. The conversation focuses less on egregious cases of abuse and more on everyday encounters. We also ask: What can Judaism teach us about how to shape a world in bystanders routinely stand up to ensure the human dignity of all is protected? How can liberal Jews design ethical guidelines to live by? Is there a statute of limitations on asking for forgiveness? Subscribe by Email This podcast is produced by Reconstructing Judaism. Visit us at ReconstructingJudaism.org.Special Guest: Rabbi Mira Wasserman, Ph.D..Support #TrendingJewishLinks:The Center for Jewish Ethics | Reconstructing JudaismThe Torah On #MeToo, Slander, And Naming Perpetrators – The ForwardJews, Gentiles, and Other Animals | Mira Beth Wasserman