2 - Get Your Head Out of Your Valley
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Let’s start hearing the stories! This is the first guest driven EP, actually recorded before we had the idea of the Tech Village fully formed, so the format is a little bit different than it will be in future episodes, but the tech stories are still very personal. Lauren takes the lead with this show and has discussions with Adam Eckerle, Joep Piscaer and Marie Bauer about their experiences living and working outside of the Silicon Valley technology echochamber - the good the bad and the awkward. Lauren and Yadin then discuss what the perspective is within the valley with regards to the greater technology community. [This Episode] Adam Eckerle on Twitter: https://twitter.com/eck79 Joep Piscaer on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jpiscaer Joep’s Blog: https://www.virtuallifestyle.nl/ Marie Bauer on Twitter: https://twitter.com/doxly_marie Lauren on Twitter: twitter.com/porterdeleon Yadin on Twitter: twitter.com/malhoit Tech Village on Twitter: twitter.com/TechVillagePod Venture Beats Article:…