Finally falling in love with reading - at 30!
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Today’s guest hails from Austin, TX, and enjoys the simple things in life: wine, books, chips & salsa. As host of The Happy Hour podcast, it might be fair to say Jamie Ivey is a happiness “professional.” Most of our guests come with anecdotes about childhoods reading under the covers or sneaking books to the dinner table, but today Jamie gives her perspective as a NON-lifetime reader! Anne and Jamie also chat about the 5 different ways you can feel about a book, relationship-centric stories, and good news if you’re looking to squeeze more reading time into the day — they share our favorite techniques for reading in the bathtub. ;) Click over to the podcast website for the full list of titles discussed in this episode, and leave us a comment to let us know what YOU think Jamie should read next! Connect with Jamie: Blog | Podcast | Instagram | Twitter | Goodreads Connect with Anne: Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | WSIRN Instagram