#170: Shay Carl — From Manual Laborer to 2.3 Billion YouTube Views
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Shay Carl (@shaycarl) got his first computer at age 27. He was a manual laborer for ages and uploaded his first YouTube video while on break from a granite counter top job. Flash forward to today: His SHAYTARDS channel now has roughly 2.3 BILLION views. Celebs like Steven Spielberg have appeared alongside Shay and his family. He co-founded Maker Studios, which sold to Disney for nearly $1 billion. He has been married 13 years and has 5 kids. He has lost more than 100 pounds since his overweight peak. Shay came to San Francisco to spend 2 days with me, we did a bunch of weird shit together (a lot of firsts for Shay), and we covered a ton, including: The most important decisions and inflection points in his life Tools of the trade and tips for creating on YouTube Favorite books, quotes, etc. that he lives by Stories he’s never shared anywhere before And much, much more Enjoy! Show notes and links for this episode can be found at www.fourhourworkweek.com/podcast. This podcast is brought to you by Wealthfront.…