Ep 63: Hedge Funds, Investing, and Optimizing Lifestyle (Mark Hart, Raoul Pal)
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February 25, 2015
This is an experimental episode. It’s a roundtable discussion with two hedge fund experts: Mark Hart and Raoul Pal. It digs into investment, physical training, and more — all as tools for improving quality of life. How far can you push and improve yourself? These gents tackle this question every day, and it makes for a fun conversation in this episode. All show notes and links can be found at www.fourhourworkweek.com/podcast Bio — Mark Hart: Mark Hart is the founder of Corriente Partners, an investment fund focused on placing long/short equity trades based on macroeconomic themes. Mark launched his first hedge fund as a junior partner in November of 1998, and in 2001 launched Corriente Partners, where his macroeconomic framework led him to first question the security of the mortgage and housing market. Managing his portfolio accordingly, Mark earned a sizable return on his positions during the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis - one of the single best performances of that downturn. Bio — Raoul Pal: Raoul writes…