#109: The 5 Things I Did To Become a Better Investor
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I get asked a lot about investing. This is mostly due to start-up investing and the hoopla around it, but I’ve expanded my experiments to late-stage deals, real estate, and more. So far, my startup bets are 10x+ more successful (on paper) than my publishing career. Based on cashed-out positions, they’re still several times more successful. I’ve had a lucky stretch. By no means am I an elite investor, but I’ve borrowed from elite investors since 2007. I’m incredibly fortunate that amazing people have been very generous with their time. Thank you, all! I’ve made hundreds of survivable mistakes, networked my little bald head off, and—net-net—I’m happy with the results. In this short podcast episode, I’ll explain the 5 (or so) steps I took to become a better investor, starting at ground zero. Caveat emptor: I am NOT a financial advisor, and none of this advice should be taken without speaking to a qualified professional first. Also, my results could be due to pure luck and zero skill. M’kay? M’kay. Hope you…