#68: Lazy: A Manifesto (15 Min)
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This 15-minute episode is experimental, and it might just change your life. I suspect many of you will listen to it on an ongoing weekly basis, and that’s precisely what I plan to do. It’s a wonderful essay from the newest book in the Tim Ferriss Book Club: We Learn Nothing by Tim Kreider. The essay stands on its own and is titled “Lazy: A Manifesto.” I loved this book so much that I reached out to Tim and we produced the audiobook together. If you want to stop feeling rushed, this is the medicine you need. Here is what writer/director Judd Apatow has to say about Tim Kreider: “Tim Kreider’s writing is heartbreaking, brutal and hilarious—usually at the same time. He can do in a few pages what I need several hours of screen time and tens of millions to accomplish. And he does it better. Come to think of it, I’d rather not do a blurb. I am beginning to feel bad about myself.” - Judd Apatow And one more: “Tim Kreider may be the most subversive soul in America and his subversions—by turns public and intimate,…