#189: Shay Carl on Wealth, Parenting, and the Future of Video
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September 27, 2016
This is another special in-betweenisode. It’s a little shorter than the normal long-form episodes, and it features a Q&A with Shay Carl (@shaycarl). If you missed our first interview, Shay’s story is incredible. He was a manual laborer for ages and uploaded his first YouTube video while on break from his job. Flash forward to today: His SHAYTARDS channel now has roughly 2.3 BILLION views. Celebs like Steven Spielberg have appeared alongside Shay and his family. He co-founded Maker Studios, which sold to Disney for nearly $1 billion. He has been married 13 years and has five kids. He has lost more than 100 pounds since his overweight peak. This time around, he answers listener questions in the way only he can, such as: How to grow a YouTube following from scratch. The future of ad revenue and sponsorship. How he balances capturing the moment vs. experiencing the moment. His greatest obstacles in life. Lessons learned as a father. And much, much more. I also wanted to announce my new book, Tools of Titans…