#330: The Return of Drunk Dialing Q&A: How to Ask Better Questions, Take Better Risks, and More!
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This episode is a rare exception to the rule — unlike my usual long-form interviews, this is a drunk-dialing Q&A with you guys, which I’ve done a few times in the last few years, including for the celebration of the 100th episode of this podcast. In preparation for this episode, I solicited phone numbers from listeners who wanted to receive a call from me, and then I started drinking and dialing, answering questions and getting a little frisky along the way. This time, I came in hot, starting after a few preliminary drinks with friends on a weekend — so it’s double trouble. I ended up covering topics including:How to reassess existing projects, specifically ones which you’ve put a lot of capital and time into, using 80/20 analysis and other tools.How to learn to care less about what people think, social perception, and how to minimize herd mentality.A framework for thinking about entrepreneurship, risk-taking, and how to cut your teeth as a business builder or creator.How to learn to ask better questions,…