#131: Eric Weinstein on Challenging “Reality,” Working with Peter Thiel, and Destroying Education to Save It
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My guest this episode is my friend, Eric Weinstein (@ericrweinstein), managing director of Thiel Capital, a Ph.D in mathematical physics from Harvard, and a research fellow at the Mathematical Institute of Oxford University. We recorded at my house after Eric emailed me this question: “Wanna try a podcast on… psychedelics, theories of everything, and the need to destroy education in order to save it?” He’s brilliant and hilarious. If you enjoyed my podcasts with Derek Sivers or Sam Harris, you’ll love this one. We cover a lot of ground, including: Living from first principles rather than the “consensus reality” The genius of Kung Fu Panda What it’s like working with Peter Thiel, and how Peter hired him How to innovate when you risk being crucified by close-minded communities (and experts) His favorite books Why one of his favorite documentaries is about pornographers And much more… Also, be sure to check this out. Here is the Johns Hopkins psychedelic research I’m backing. Check out the supporters from tech…