33: Pimping Glimmer Vale
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Keeping this one brief. Since the audiobook for Glimmer Vale, the first in my Glimmer Vale Chronicles series, is done and processing for publication I wanted to share something I put up on YouTube a year or so ago, where I read the first chapter and explain the series a bit. Enjoy! For what it's worth, the audiobook, though not yet available on Audible, etc IS available on my webstore. Remember, I get more money if you buy it there. So hook a brother up! :) Purchase Links: https://ssnstorytelling.com/product/glimmer-vale/ or https://books2read.com/glimmervale Visit My Website - http://michaelkingswood.com Sign up for my newsletter - http://www.michaelkingswood.com/newsletter-signup/ Support Me On Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/michaelkingswood Visit me on Steemit - https://steemit.com/@michaelkingswood Or just leave me a tip at https://paypal.me/SSNStorytelling Or send some crypto: BTC: 3QQ7EhBDMwdG8YypHJjErwpW6hbP4mC14W LTC: LNG2qRCJHJSybidtNw3os1tayfXjLU8b4g ZEC: t1Nmjz8P2sPcmBpKmUviaTcxekTW9m7Aj2D ETH:…