196: Raising Our Voices On Rise
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NBC having lined up the showrunner from Friday Night Lights, a producer of Hamilton, and the former Ted Mosby for a weekly drama series about a high school putting on a musical, it was made very clear to us that we had better not think of having any guest on to talk about it other than Adam Grosswirth — and since we can take a hint, we were happy to have him on to discuss whether the show hits all the right notes. Around The Dial takes us through The Arrangement, Slings & Arrows and Nailed It!_before we ponder the induction of _The West Wing’s “In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen” to the Canon. Then it’s on to the week’s Winner and Loser, and a Game Time that’s a real banger. Warm up your instrument and join us! Show Topics Lead Topic Rise Around The Dial The Arrangement Slings & Arrows Nailed It The Canon The West Wing S01.E01 & S01.E02: In The Shadow Of Two Gunmen Winner and Loser of the Week Sarah Drew and Michelle Hurd Streaming services’ PR departments Game Time Tube Tunes Show Notes Slings And Arrows on…