Episode 8 - The Tomb Raider grid (part 2)
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February 18, 2018
Continuing the story from Part 1, this is how the original Tomb Raider's grid-based engine/level editor impacted on the series, on Lara Croft's rise to fame, and on the shifting sands of blockbuster game development. This episode also discusses the place that such a grid system has — or might have — in game design today. Featuring input from former Core Design artists and level designers Heather Stevens and Andy Sandham as well as programmer Gavin Rummery. Related links: The Tomb Raider Grid (part 1) "It felt like robbery": Tomb Raider and the fall of Core Design, my article for Ars Technica Raiding the Fan-Made Tombs of Lara Croft, my article for Rock Paper Shotgun on the level editing community Video of 20th anniversary panel at Play Expo 2016, organised by Ash Kaprielov and featuring several people who worked on the series (including Heather and Gavin) TRLE.net, the central hub of the custom levels community Level Editing Forum, discussion boards for the custom levels community (lots of cool projects…