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Frustrated by the unjustified furore that surrounded his tame interactive movie game, designer Rob Fulop turned to Santa for help. And with a clever business model he and his team at PF Magic invented a new kind of game, one in which you adopt and care for a digital animal — a virtual dog or cat, or something more exotic, with a personality and needs and quirks not unlike a real one. Petz hexing is a deep rabbit hole to fall down, but if you're curious I'd recommend starting with these links: Ballz & Linez: Remembering the Golden Age of Petz Hexing Petz: A lost community of mostly female coders/gamers Carolyn's Creations And for more on the Petz AI, I thought these were interesting: Socially Intelligent Virtual Petz Creating Emotional Relationships With Virtual Characters Virtual Babyz: Believable Agents with Narrative Intelligence (Also take a good look at what one of the Dogz/Catz developers did next.) Support comes from my Patreon backers, with special credit to my three $10+ backers Vivek Mohan, Wade…