#52 Sexy Bank Meeting AKA Next Level Barf AKA The Bowser of Barf / Maniac, Riverdale
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Great cast, great director, cool style, dark and funny writing, but is Maniac good? Or is it just not for everyone? The sibs breakdown the first ep of the new Netflix star-packed mini-series and not surprisingly they have different opinions. Shai and Becky also indulge in some deep questions about Riverdale Season 2 and somehow neither are embarrassed that they watch the show. The sibs debate what age is appropriate to take your kids to see an Eli Roth movie as we talk the House with the Clock Inside the Walls, Elton John, the Tunnel, and Becky’s super hot doctor. Come for the pop culture analysis, stay for questionable inter-sibling medical and parenting advice! Shoutouts: Gato, our Mom and Dad, Dr. McGorgeous from Berkeley, Ash and Lanz of the Goldnerds Podcast. Friday Night Movie and Pancake for the Table will be at All Star Comic Con in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia, June 8-9, 2019. Get tickets and join us for an amazing experience! Send us your recommendations and your tradesies! We’ll watch them and report…