#30 Do not listen to this episode AKA Bikini waxing in Spain AKA I wish I didn’t text that to my parents AKA Josh crashed the car
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WARNING: Do not listen to this episode! It contains embarrassing stories that you definietly DO NOT want to hear with your parents or children present (or at least our parents or children present). Also, there was a one-time sound quality issue with this episode due to unforeseen technical difficulties, but we felt it we needed to post the episode anyway to share the aforementioned stories. Also, we break down Lost in Space, Super Troopers 2, scifi TV shows, and Solo with childhood friend and returning guest from “Time Traveling Nurse” (ep 19), Josh. Shoutouts to the @Gato1Dog, the JV Club Podcast, #RushFamily, #Ghostweeters, Susan Leighton of 1428Elm.com, and #CousinVanessa. Send us your recommendations and your tradesies! We’ll watch them and report back on the show! Email us at [email protected] or tweet @FriNightMovie, @pancake4table, @chichiKgomez, and/or @paperBKprincess. Subscribe and leave a review on IOS or Android at www.fridaynightmoviepod.com. Follow all of our pop culture shenanigans at…