#45 Big Josh on a Little Stool / Love, Simon / Radiohead / the Expanse
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The band is back together! All three of your favorite siblings are back and joined by returning guest, “Big” Josh, as he regails us with his “kvetch” list. We also talk about the fantastic film - Love, Simon, all sorts of other stuff, including: JT, Jay-Z, watching R-rated movies on airplanes, the poetry of Bathrobe Joe, saving lives in Copenhagen, convincing our dad to listen to Radiohead, Broadchurch, Chuck, Fauda, the Expanse, Who is America, Money Heist, and Alli’s list of most attractive hollywood men. Shoutouts: Mike Roberts (Dallas and Robo), Ilana Osten, Summer Parker, Tio Mario, Cousins Mindy and Shelly, Cousin Danielle, Dr. Pam Gurley of the #Herspiration Happy Hour podcast, Becky Mayyyyy, Jacqui Kaplan, Brandon and Katie Jones, Stein, Bathrobe Joe, and of course… Cousin Vanessa.