#21 Banzai Boogalo Crossover: Breakin’ Breakdown / Cobra Kai (Karate Kid sequel) TV Series
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Do you love breakdancing movies with killer soundtracks and lots of neon clothes? Then you will love our epic breakdown of the 80s dance craze classic saga: Breakin’ and Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo. This week we are joined by Dave from the Banzai Retro Club podcast (https://www.banzairetroclub.com/) for the second part of our Banzai-FNM Crossover. We Buy/Rent/Meh the movies’ classic dance scenes, talk about our favorite side characters and reveal that our mom was a key character in the films (not true, but funny nonetheless). Plus, we play Pitch Imperfect with YouTube’s new Cobra Kai (Karate Kid sequel) TV series. Shoutouts to #TeamHotstuff, @Seriesfreak12, @wendifansite, and various relatives.