#22 Queer Eye and #Herspiration / Guest: Dr. Pamela Gurley / Disaster Artist / Send us your recommendations!
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The siblings get deep with #Herspiration co-founder and #Herspiration Happy Hour podcast co-host, Dr. Pamela Gurley. We talk women’s empowerment, sexual misconduct in Hollywood, and the usual pop culture fun, including a review of Netflix’s fantastic new Queer Eye. +the Disaster Artist, Catastrophe, Big Mouth, SMILF, the Middle, Zack Morris Trash, the Good Doctor, Seven Seconds, and Everything Everything. Shoutouts to @seriesfreak12, @wendifansite, cousins Vanessa and Shelly, and Ilana. Send us your recommendations! We’ll watch them and report back on the show! Email us at [email protected] or tweet @FriNightMovie, @pancake4table, @chichiKgomez, and/or @paperBKprincess. Subscribe and leave a review on IOS or Android at www.fridaynightmoviepod.com. Follow all of our pop culture shenanigans at www.pancake4table.com.