#54 Brain Candy TV Shows
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What is that one show that you know technically isn’t good, but you can’t stop watching it? Or, you’re aware that it’s not great TV, but it puts you in your happy place? The sibs delve deep into the topic of “Brain Candy” TV shows and actors (who you’d watch in ANYTHING), which prompts them to discuss shows all three of them should be embarrassed to watch (but definitelty aren’t). Come for the trashy TV, stay to find out our uninformed ShondaLand rankings. Shoutouts: Mom (@innerwonder) and Dad, Alli, Cousin Vanessa, Cousin Mindy, Cousin Shelly, Josh, @Steph_rebecca, Ash and Lanz of the Goldnerds. Friday Night Movie and Pancake for the Table will be at All Star Comic Con in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia, June 8-9, 2019. Get tickets and join us for an amazing experience! Send us your recommendations and your tradesies! We’ll watch them and report back on the show! Email us at [email protected] or tweet @FriNightMovie, @pancake4table, @chichiKgomez, and/or @paperBKprincess. Theme music by What Does It Eat.…