#42 Dr. Pam Returns / Queer Eye, Blockers
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The sibs welcome back special guest Dr. Pamela Gurley, of Herspiration Happy Hour podcast fame, to discuss the positive cultural impact of Blockers and John Cena’s tush. The gang then dives into the fabulous world of Queer Eye to discuss favorite eps, MVPs, and hopes and dreams for season 3, all while not so subtly making fun of Shai’s fashion sense. Plus we talk Mayans MC, Shazam, and whatculture wrestling. Shoutouts: Jessi our official Movie Pass correspondent, MJ Maelstrom, HAH Podcast, Cousin Mindy, Cousin Shelly, Cousin Vanessa. Keywords: Blockers, John Cena, Wrestling, 90s, Teen Movies, Prom, American Pie, Queer Eye, JVN, Fab 5, Montreal, Pop Culture, Movies, Film, TV Series, TV Shows, HAH, MVP, Comedy, Friday Night, Friday Night Movie.