#27 Gettin’ Phishy with Jacqui Kaplan AKA the Flight of Col. Forbin Dallas / Life in Pieces, Stan Against Evil, Mr. Maisel, Crashing
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We go behind the scenes of some of our favorite shows with Assistant Editor / Editor AND huge Phish phan Jacqui Kaplan AKA @jacquikap (Stan Against Evil, Life in Pieces). We introduce a new segment - Cast… Away! - as we try to play casting directors for a pretend movie version of Phish’s seminal opus, “The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday” AKA “Gamehendge.” Extra points if you can spot Lily’s Fifth Element/Phish mash-up joke. We also compare and contrast Amazon’s the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel with HBO’s Crashing. Shoutouts to Cousin Vanessa, @banzairetroclub, Ashley AKA @wendifansite / @comedy_girl / co-host of the @goldnerds podcast, Evie Marie Warner and Detective Inc’s Go Fund Me, @talentcrushchat show Podcast, @janetvarney / @jvclubpodcast, @ericarhodes22, Fit Btch Podcast, We Don’t Know What we’re Talking Podcast w/ Pink Rabbit, Jacqui’s family, Phish friends, and the WombChat. Send us your recommendations, Cast…Away ideas, and your tradesies! We’ll report back on the show! Email us at…