#31 Kyler is a douche AKA We are all Anthony Larusso AKA Cobra Kai!
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We go deep on the first half of YouTube’s AMAZING new series Cobra Kai! We also talk faking sick to get out of sleepover partiers, “sleep-under” parties, the mysterious Montreal neighborhood of TMR and mom’s hair at Lily’s Bat Mitzvah. We also talk the Let Down, Get Shorty, Lost in Space, Atlanta, and Small Town Crime. Shoutouts: @Gato1Dog, @sunflower_maiden, @WeirdoAnthony, @Susanontheledge, 1428Elm.com, sundogsfire.com, Stevie Jackson from the Talent Crush Chat Show, and of course, Cousin Vanessa. Send us your recommendations and your tradesies! We’ll watch them and report back on the show! Email us at [email protected] or tweet @FriNightMovie, @pancake4table, @chichiKgomez, and/or @paperBKprincess. Theme music by What Does It Eat. Subscribe and leave a review on IOS or Android at www.fridaynightmoviepod.com. Follow all of our pop culture shenanigans at www.pancake4table.com.