#44 Dallas and Robo creator Mike Roberts AKA the Pocket Jedi / Animation, Favorite pre-1980 movies, Rumbleseat, Final Space
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Tune in to our MOST EPIC episode, featuring special guest star and “Dallas And Robo” series creator Mike Roberts. Hang out with us while we chat about Mike’s awesome TV shows, learn why it’s not cool to be “too thirsty” and discover what it means to be a Pocket Jedi. We also play a special edition of Buy/Rent/Meh and reveal our top pre-1980 movies. Come for the amazing guest star, stay for the family dynamics. Shoutouts: Mike’s family, Noah Patrick Pfarr @NoahPfarr [email protected], Matt Mariska, Andy Sipes, Suzanne Keilly, Clancy Brown, Kat Dennings, John Cena, Jane Lynch, Tim Blake Nelson, Cousin Vanessa, and our Mom’s signature chicken burgers. Key Words: Dallas and Robo, Mike Roberts, YouTube Red, TBS, Netflix, Bojack Horseman, Final Space, pre-1980s, movies, tv, Friday night movie, siblings, Montreal, Toronto, Canadian, Animation, Sheridan, Last Jedi, 80s, 90s