#036 - Canna Film Fun (feat. Ratchet Geezus aka Wan Deuce aka Phil)
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In this episode of The Pink Fox Podcast, hosts Mark, Keo, and Ronin, along with friend of the family/special guest/ganjapreneur Ratchet Geezus aka Wan Deuce aka Phil, discuss Phil’s recent movements, happenings (i.e., raids) in the DC pop-up scene, the first annual DC Canna Film Festival, the abject failure of MoviePass, Mission: Impossible – Fallout, Bad Boys vs. Bad Boys II, a brief history of Pink Fox, Avengers: Infinity War, Mark’s Stash app experience, GW Pharmaceuticals, the imaginary difference between Sativa and Indica plants, political nonsense in Washington, DJ Khaled’s ‘No Brainer’, and other topics.