#14 Titletown Snapped By Terrible Towels
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Episode 14 of APP (Recap of Packers vs. Steelers) Topics: X’s & O’s This was an outstanding game from start to finish - I would venture to say it was one of the most entertaining prime time games of the year. Brett Hundley looked much better - more confident, stepping up in the pocket and not bailing all over the place. Even though Hundley threw 3 long touchdown passes his remaining stats were still pretty pedestrian. VOICEMAIL FROM JAY “It’s Jay. I wondered if you guys had a number for some kind of sad. What was it turnovers points scored upfront over it by the Packers under a huntley. It seems like they don’t they don’t score points offer turnovers on a short field that’s my question it would probably be NIL to only a few points scored as as I recall. Thanks.” The packers FINALLY completed a screen pass to a running back - and it resulted in one of the 3 TDs for Hundley. The packers have never been a good screen team under McCarthy, even with Aaron Rodgers under center. The Packers defense forced 3…