0: Preview Episode for The Daily Rebound (30 NBA Teams in 30 Days)
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Welcome to the initial preview of The Daily Rebound podcast. I am your host, Victor Kernes, and for the next 30 days I’ll be talking about all 30 of the NBA teams. For most of these episodes I’ll be featuring guests from other sports stations, most of which are broadcasted on Anchor, a mobile app that allows you to create short sound clips from your phone, and we’ll be having a back and forth conversation about their favorite NBA team. We’ll be starting the first half of the month talking about the Eastern Conference and then the last half the Western Conference. The order of the discussions will be in regards to each of the NBA teams ranking last season in their according conference, starting from last place to first. Each of the 30 teams will be reviewed on their roster in it’s current state but we will also be talking about potential trade opportunities as we all know any teams roster can change at any given moment. We’ll be discussing the results from last season as well as our predicted results for the…