Saraya Knight - Destroying Traumatic Experiences
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This week on “Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia”, Lilian sits down with British legend and women’s wrestling pioneer, Saraya Knight. In this episode, Saraya talks all about her love of being a female Independent wrestler, and her opinions about the current evolution of women’s wrestling. She speaks about her daughter Paige’s personal issues and how they overcame them as a family, as well as giving you an inside look at her family’s reaction when Paige got signed to the WWE, to when Paige had to suddenly retire, to then getting the news she was made Smackdown’s General Manager! This episode gets very real when Saraya shares her personal journey of growing up with unfortunate circumstances being abused by her stepfather as well as being sexually assaulted. She talks about being saved when she met her future husband, British wrestler Ricky Knight and how he helped her get through her traumatic experiences. She isn’t afraid to hold back on her story knowing that she can help many others and even discusses…