Drew McIntyre - Maintaining a Positive Attitude
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In the newest episode of “Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia”, Lilian sits down with WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre. Inside this episode, Drew talks about growing up in Scotland, what his childhood was like, his connection to the FBI at just 10 years old, and how he discovered his love for professional wrestling. You’ll hear how Drew maintains a solid relationship with his father and how he endured the death of his mother. Hear his in-depth thoughts about signing with the WWE at such a young age, his shocking reaction to his 2014 release from the company, and what he and his good friend Jinder Mahal did afterwards. Also, you’ll find out how he maintained a positive attitude after his release that led to his inevitable return to the WWE and why he was excited to join NXT before going over to the main roster. Drew also discusses what he’s learned in his 2nd run in the WWE and embracing the leadership role in the locker room, along with what it’s like to be partnered up with Dolph Ziggler. It’s about to get real,…