Amy Purdy - Dealing with Amputation
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This episode of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia features Professional Snowboarder, actress, motivational speaker, and Paralympian Amy Purdy! Lilian sits down for an inspirational conversation with Amy Purdy who overcame what appeared to be insurmountable medical circumstances after her legs were amputated below the knee when she came down with bacterial meningitis at age 19. You’ll hear how Amy overcame the impossible and found the strength to stay active after losing her legs, and you’ll learn what drove her to compete as a Paralympian traveling the world and winning medals. Plus, she shares the amazing story of walking in her sister’s wedding just 2 months after her challenging ordeal. Amy also shares other challenges she has had to overcome, such as being compared to her sister and living in her shadows, as well as other health issues she contracted due to CrossFit. Join Lilian for this incredible story of determination and triumph! It’s about to get real, raw and inspiring with Amy Purdy.