Jinder Mahal - Rebounding from Rock Bottom
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This episode of Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia features WWE Superstar, Jinder Majal. Lilian sits down for an eye opening conversation with the WWE’s Jinder Majal. Lilian takes us behind the curtain to find out how this WWE star rebounded after being released from the WWE, and staging a comeback that would take him all the way to Wrestlemania! From tales of his early upbringing to his stories from Wrestling school, Jinder talks about his WWE Championship, almost facing Brock Lesnar, and the title changing hands overseas. He opens up to Lilian about what it was like to work with AJ Styles, Rob Gronkowski, what Vince McMahon told him right before his epic championship match, and so much more! It’s about to get Real, Raw, and Inspiring with Jinder Majal!