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This week on “Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia,” Lilian sits down with WWE Superstar, Matt Hardy. In this episode, Matt gives us his thoughts on the historic WWE Evolution PPV, as well as giving us the magical moment when the Hardy Boyz returned to the WWE at Wrestlemania 33. Matt goes in depth into the making of their outstanding special on The WWE Network/24, “The Hardys: Woken”, and why he was comfortable in unveiling such dark shocking footage and revelations in that special. He also takes us into what his childhood was like with his brother Jeff, as well as growing up with a single father after his mother’s unfortunate passing. Matt talks all about hitting rock bottom and getting addicted to pain pills and how he credits his wife in getting his life back together again. For the Chasing Glory fans, he clears up all the rumors about whether or not he will still be associated with the WWE, as well as his thoughts of having been teamed up with Bray Wyatt. Quite a treat as Matt gives us EXCLUSIVE behind the…