Stone Cold Steve Austin - Life Lessons
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In the newest episode of “Chasing Glory with Lilian Garcia”, Lilian sits down with WWE Hall of Famer, Stone Cold Steve Austin. Inside this powerful episode, Steve talks about his love and respect for the military, his continued love for the wrestling business, and what drove him to work so hard in getting to the top. After being released from WCW, Steve speaks about how he was able to overcome his obstacles, his many character changes, and why he didn’t want the ECW championship at first. You’ll also hear how he is helping the current superstars, the advice he gave Batista when Batista left wrestling, as well as who helped Steve along the way. The life lessons in this interview are invaluable; from his take on how to be confident without being cocky, to staying humble yet determined to overcome office politics, and how to make your own destiny. You’ll also get to hear how his catch phrases 3:16 & “That’s the bottom line” all came from one unexpected promo, and the touching story of how his 7 year old self,…