Rework Mailbag 3
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It’s time for another episode where Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson answer your questions! In this one, they discuss how to apply calm company principles to client work and classrooms, and talk about healthy ways for business partners to disagree. Show Notes Behold the wonder of raclette - 00:59 Looking for a calm company while job searching - 2:33 How a business that deals with clients can work more calmly - 4:24 The 37signals manifesto - 6:03 Applying calm principles in a school setting - 8:40 The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say most schools start too early - 10:24 Alfie Kohn’s website. DHH recommends Punished by Rewards and The Myth of the Spoiled Child - 11:50 How to start a calm company when there’s limited runway - 13:51 Listen to our previous episode, “You Need Less Than You Think“ - 16:11 How Basecamp recovers from periods of non-calm - 19:05 Healthy ways for co-founders or partners to disagree - 22:56 J.P. Graziano, the Italian sub shop where Shaun buys lunch almost every…