It’s the cyanide, stupid
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September 16, 2017
Is this the real life, or scripted reality? This week, we’re caught in a time travel paradox as Nick gets his wish for an evening record—and instantly regrets it. We talk marathon recovery, we discuss bat and poo memes, we get emotional about cricket, and we drink (responsibly). Nick proves that he’s a grown up, Jon proves that he’s not, and we deliver on our listener guarantee to be “increasingly infrequent” with our longest edit yet. This Week Jon’s Rider The scientists do say that cashews are poisonous, sometimes Amaretti Biscuits are made of apricot kernels, and contain cyanide and people used to like doing this flying trick with them. Bat video Tinder date poo lady The Dennis Quaid movie Frequency Batter bits at the chippy Cramps, electrolytes, powders etc. some thoughts here Mile/km markers—how should they count? Twitter poll Running backwards is definitely not the new running forwards, but… The photo of a lonely Jon crossing the finish line at the Guernsey Marathon A VO2 max primer RadioLab on the…