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Back by popular demand, we present Nick’s Shit Bluetooth Headphone Review. Yes, this week Nick goes into detail on his new Apple AirPods. We reminisce about early 2000s route planning websites, cut a swathe through follow up, and pit £160 Bluetooth ear buds against £20 ones. Nick is having an identity crisis, Jon finds out if he’s running the London Marathon, and we fail to find out the age of WWE legend The Undertaker. Show Notes Email us like Joe from Texas did podcast@runnerpod.com. Nick doesn’t live on a trap street—his road is very big and real. You really shouldn’t address things to people by their nickname. Or send stuff to their cat. Occupational surnames. The Undertaker is 52. Taker’s AirPods. How do they fit in your ears? The W1 chip (we misspoke it as A5, that’s a tablet/phone chip). W1 is common to AirPod and BeatsX (also Beats Solo3 and Powerbeats3). Our evergreen pic for running Bluetooth headphones: the aLLreLi Soba. VLM18 London Marathon, ballot and entry FAQs. Jon wrote an essay about how…