9. Will regulators kill ICOs and Tokens?
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In this episode: Simon, Colin and guests Kadhim Shubber and break down the top news stories of the last week including: Bitcoin Segwit upgrade goes live While Ethereum’s upgrade could still be a long wait More regulators opine on tokens -And Burger King launches its own cryptocurrency We also have some fantastic interviews including: Andrew Chapin of Benja, talking about the BenjaCoin and proactively working with regulators; and Taylor Monahan of MyEtherWallet about the industry trends, and scam prevention. We hope you're enjoying the show - don't forget to subscribe so you never miss an episode! Get in touch with us on Twitter @bchaininsider, and we'd also love it if you could leave us a review on iTunes!Special Guests: Andrew Chapin, Kadhim Shubber, and Richard Burton.Links:SegWit Goes Live: Why Bitcoin's Big Upgrade Is a Blockchain Game-Changer - CoinDeskMiddle America Is Crazy in Love With Bitcoin - NBC NewsBurger King Russia launches cryptocurrency called WhopperCoinWhopperCoin | FT AlphavilleEthereum's…