30. Bitcoin Falls, Whales Rise and an Interview With bitFlyer CEO
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After the market beatdown, Simon and Colin dissect the sustainability of current prices and how much longer regulators will stand idly by whilst pump and dumps continue to happen. Our first story comes from Coindesk, talking about the price action where Bitcoin 'defended' the $11,000 mark. Conversely, the Evening Standard came out with a story claiming investors were swapping their bitcoin for physical gold- are people actually swapping digital gold for it's physical counterpart? Staying with Bitcoin (shock, horror), Forbes claim that criminals are dropping BTC for other cryptocurrencies due to expensive, lengthy transactions. Criminals are apparently preferring more private coins. Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase recorded $1 Billion in revenue! The exchange exploded in 2017, so it's no surprise that it's booked such lofty numbers as the interest in cryptocurrencies continues to grow. Moving on and more from Coindesk, regulators gon' regulate as the SEC outlines reasons for reluctance to list cryptocurrency…