23. Bitcoin goes stratospheric, Ethereum Cryptokitties and R3 CEO interview
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Colin has returned to the UK from his Australian adventure to join Simon back at our home in WeWork, Aldgate Tower. Once more, Bitcoin has hit a record high. But could the cryptocurrency's price be losing momentum? Bitcoin exchange Coinbase now has more users than stock brokerage Schwab, so what are the implications for its price? And, following its lawsuit defeat, Coinbase was forced to report some users to the IRS. Plus, as Bitcoin futures trading gets nearer, we ask why the price is still rising and what will contribute to its maturity? Five blockchain predictions for 2018, including non-financial applications, the internet of things and smart contracts. But will governments advance cryptocurrency tax rules? The cryptocurrency flash crash on the Bitfinex exchange caused uproar last week. So what caused it and could it have been avoided? Plus, was it really that bad? And, why did Bitfinex hire a law firm and team up with Tether? So many questions. And - it's finally here…the story of the week. Ladies and…