18. Bitcoin soaring, plus ICOs, hipsters and Tezos
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First up on today's show, Simon and Colin tackle "tulip mania" and other common misconceptions about crypto assets. Bitcoin has hit yet another all time high - but is the price the key figure or should we be focusing on the growth in use and user numbers instead? We also talk boomer biases - send us your favourites. Next up, Iran has announced it is preparing to adopt Bitcoin for use in the country. Will we see a geopolitical shift, and how might it influence Bitcoin's reputation? Why are startups struggling to get bank accounts in the UK? The FCA Sandbox's Lessons Learned report points out that startups, particularly DLT startups, are often can't secure banking services. So is it time for a more nuanced approach by the big banks? Colin analyses the AMF's approach to ICOs, folowing their announcement of project UNICORN. If you missed it, check out Simon's blog on a best practice framework for token sales. And can blockchain revolutionise the coffee supply chain? Colin explains how, with the help of…