27. XRP’s Ripple effect and Blockchain use cases
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Welcome to the very first show of 2018! We kick off the year with a bang, including some of the biggest stories from the holiday season, our predictions for 2018 and an interview with Peter Rizzo, Editor at Coindesk. First up on the first show of 2018 we take a look at Blockchain and crypto predictions for the year to come. Why will this be the year that institutional investors really get involved? Will 2018 be the year that web 3.0 takes off? How will ICOs evolve through 2018, and will pump and dump syndicates come under regulatory scrutiny? Check out Simon's 2018 blog right here. Next, it's fast-becoming a weekly feature, it's the cryptocurrency prices piece. On its 9th birthday, we ask how high Bitcoin can really go? Plus, Ether brings in the new year with a record high, and who are the crypto Billionaires getting rich from Ripple's XRP? Is it really true that nobody has come up with a use case for Blockchain in ten years? And is current technology simply the first stage in a wave of change that will take…