39. Coinbase Goes ERC-20, Bitcoin’s Lightning Lift Off and Coinfloor’s Obi Nwosu
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Kicking off the show, R3’s CEO declares blockchain a once in a lifetime opportunity for financial markets. New opportunities chased by Deutsche Börse and HQLAx, the finance magnates are looking to build a securities lending platform on blockchain. Coinbase opening up its platform? The exchange is finally implementing Ethereum ERC-20 support but no specific assets have been named just yet. Lightning network gets its first lapp! Blockstream’s introduced FileBazaar, its first ever lightning app. What does the new e-commerce tool mean for blockchains future? Intel throws its weight behind blockchain to try and develop a next-gen media rights manager. We discuss how this could work, what mistakes developers have made in the past that they need to avoid and are consumers ready to go back to paying for all their media content? Google’s another blue chip working on blockchain. They’re working to integrate their cloud business and beat out the startups using the hyped tech to operate online in new ways. It might be…